A Smarter Way to Fish.

Plan Your Attack

Contour Elite is software that's designed to help you spend less time searching and more time catching fish. With state-of-the-art maps paired with new search technology that predicts fish location, you won't have to worry about being on the wrong side of the lake again. Spending just a few minutes with Contour Elite can save you hours of time on the water.

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Find Productive Spots

Fish are attracted to certain areas of the lake where they can find shelter and food. Those areas are different by species and they change by season and time of day. Enter a species you're targeting and Contour Elite quickly searches millions of data points that play a role in fish location and show you the best spots. Go under the surface with our 3D viewer to see how fish may move from point A to point B. Mark spots on the map to get the exact GPS coordinates.

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Catch More Fish

Contour Elite can transfer target spots in just about any GPS format so you can enlighten your chartplotter or fishfinder. You can also transfer waypoints from your chartplotter back to Contour Elite and search for find similar areas of the lake that have the same characteristics as your favorite spots. Save time, save fuel and  increase your odds of catching more fish. 

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